Fruit Directly From Our Farm

Every piece of fruit you receive from Shanesville Fruit Farm has been cultivated, harvested, and stored right here on our premises. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive ‘farm-to-truck’ approach, where we do not source any fruit from external growers. Our produce is carefully maintained in our on-site cold storages, meticulously graded on our specialized packing line, and stays within our careful stewardship until it’s securely loaded onto a truck for its journey to you. With Shanesville, you’re not just choosing a supplier, you’re partnering with a dedicated grower offering unbroken chain of quality from our farm to your business.


We grow sweet and sour cherries. For wholesale, we usually pick in 25lb. boxes

Peaches / Nectarines

Peaches and nectarines can be picked in half-bushel wooden crates, 25lb. boxes, or bulk bushel boxes. We also can hydrocool our peaches and nectarines, if you request it. Peaches can be sold tree run or we can grade on our packing line and sticker the fruit, if desired.


Pears are graded on our packing line and packed in 27lb. boxes, 40 lb. boxes, or half-bushel wooden crates. Bosc Pears can be stickered, if desired.


Apples are graded on our packing line and sold in:

  • half-bushel wooden crates
  • bulk bushel boxes
  • Tray Packs (113 – 64 ct.)
  • 12 – 3lb. boxes
  • 8 – 5lb. boxes
  • 8 – 3lb. boxes.

We can use 3 or 5lb poly bags and/or 5 lb tote bags. Apples can be stickered, if desired.